Monday, October 24, 2005


My brain as well as other body parts are fried. Crispy-critter. Toast. No, I'm not talking sunburn, people, I'm talking burned out. I have worked my little fingers to the bone today without a break and have not gotten one new thing done. Not one. It's all been reprocessing old things. This is not good. I have a stack of new things that make Miss Sizzle's desk look as smooth as the Sahara (you'll have to find the picture she posted of her "messy"desk).


On a lighter note, my Hubby "cooked" last night! Whoot! Steak sandwiches and fries from a local restaurant. Yum.Yum.

Also, he's such a sweetie. We were having a deep discussion yesterday about my job. It always amazes him that he knows so little about what I do with the majority of my time. This is the first job I've had where he actually understands some of it because it deals with agriculture, and he has actually met the people I work with. After talking for awhile about my job and why I've been so tired lately, he blurted out, "Now I really feel like a lazy sack of shit!" He went on to say he can't believe how much I do in a day, not counting all the things I do at home. Bless him. I love the fact that he recognizes what I do. How many guys really do? I shouldn't just say guys, 'cause I think there are a lot of women who don't realize how much their husbands do every day, either. We only see the small portion that we share when we are in the same space and then it can be either a peaceful co-existance or a battle. One thing we always silently agree on is that we don't bug each other about our space. He never hounds me if I don't have the house picked up or the cleaning done and I don't EVER give him "honey-do" lists. Never. Ever. It's a peaceful co-existance.

Just thought I'd share. Now I'm going to go home and collapse.