Monday, November 07, 2005

Only Child Syndrome

Today my husband took me to lunch. He was in a hurry, as was I, so we just did the Mickey-D drive thru. By the time he called to see if I wanted to go to lunch, I was 3/4 of the way through my sandwich I was eating at my desk... my usual lunch habit, but I agreed to go along with him and keep him company. I, of course, was tempted and had a hot fudge sundae. Mmmm... I open it, and Hubby says, "Can I have a bite?". No biggie, right? Ah... but you forget my greatest disease. Only Child Syndrome. I hesitate. I look at the ice cream melty on the top and the chocolate fudge swirling on the sides.... I scoop up a spoonful... of... vanilla ice cream.

"Can I have some fudge?" He asks innocently.
"Uh...sure" I answer, scraping a midge of fudge off the side.
"Boy... I could write a book about your Only Child Syndrome" he says.
"What??" I ask innocently... quickly scarfing down the rest of the thick chocolate.

Yes. I'm awful. I have a hard time sharing. It isn't that I don't love the people I'm sharing with. I love my husband and my children and my critters. It's a disease, I tell you... a real disease! There is something in my brain that says "NO" to sharing.

This includes time sharing. I get selfish. I need alone time or I go a bit ga-ga. (Shaddup - Iheard that. No one asked for input from the peanut gallery. ) I have so many different interests that I can't find time to do any of them... (even before blogging became a part of my life.) I don't have just one or two interests, but many. This can be problematic when you are trying to share your life with a husband and children and critters. So, I spend a certain amount of time alone. Hubby is very understanding. Kids are off and grown and on their own now, so it isn't as much of a factor where they're concerned. Critters? Well, it's hard to turn critters down but they more or less just take whatever you can give them.

Sigh. I look at myself...Hubby's right. I know he's right. He knows he's right. ... as long as he doesn't know where my chocolate is...