Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

Sooo... anyone superstitous?

I'm not. Surprisingly enough, with all the 'weird' things that seem to happen around me, you think I would be.

So, now... an early Halloween treat for you. A ghost story. This is a true story told to me by someone I trust did not make it up.

When this girl was young she lived in a haunted house. Her bedroom, in particular, was haunted by a ghost of an old man dressed in clothing of an earlier time. He called himself "Fred" and although she didn't see him inside of her room, she would see him pass by just outside the window. Inside her room, she would see evidence of him when her stereo knobs would turn on their own, or her doorknob would turn when no one was there. He was not a 'good' spirit. She said he told her he "liked little girls" and one night she even had her covers lifted from the foot of her bed, right in front of her eyes, off of her body. She was afraid to sleep in her own room until she was older and "Fred" went away.

Her mother was in town one day and happened upon the woman who had grown up in the house with the family before this one. In conversation, the woman asked which bedroom the little girl had... in finding out, she asked "has she met Fred?". Yes, she, too, had been haunted by the ghost that liked "little girls". When the girls got to a certain age, Fred was never seen again. Her family still lives in the house.

How about you? Any true ghost stories?