Monday, August 08, 2005

Another Memory...Yeah, He's Mine

In thinking about ES's graduation, I had some flashbacks. I mentioned some earlier, but one of my favorites is a story of it's own.

My ex-in-laws are rather religious. That's an understatement. They are very active in their church and hold positions of responsibility. Years ago, when ES and Eldest Daughter were 5 and 7, respectively, they were visiting their grandparents for a big family dinner. The ex-sisters-in-laws were there (2) as well as the ex-brother-in-law and the ex-husband. All with their spouses, kids and/or significant others.

My childen had been in the basement playing. When they were called up for dinner, ES went up immediately. Time went by and ED didn't come up. She was called several times and didn't answer, leading to people searching the other rooms of the house to see if she'd come upstairs and just hadn't heard them. Approximately ten minutes went by, with the lovely dinner feast cooling on the table and people sitting around looking at each other waiting for ED to appear.

Finally, she came upstairs.

ES looked at her and said, "Where in the hell have YOU been?"

Yep. My son. When the ex told me, I was soooo proud.