Friday, August 05, 2005

Now Where Did I Put The White Flag?

I surrender. I just can't find the flag. I cleaned the house within an inch of its' life. I made homemade salad dressing. I fixed strawberries and angelfood cake. We cooked steaks and baked potatoes. We had drinks on the deck and wine with dinner. I'm done.

My parents came after lunch and we cleaned all their stuff out of the RV that they wanted and packed it up. They've left a lot of stuff, not all of it stuff we want, but I'm sure we can use some of it. It's still amazing that they've given it to us.

Later in the afternoon my husbands' family came.

Exhibit A) Remember the vacuum. 'nuf said.
Exhbit B) Hubby was cooking steaks. A whole grill full of steaks. Gas grill says the tank is full. It lied. Must finish the steaks under the broiler in the oven
Exhibit C) The Boys actually weren't bad. I wasn't prepared for that. The little one (10?) has been on ADHD medication. He was very polite and calm, asked to help set the table... I was shocked. Made me feel bad. For about a nano-second.
Exhibit D) I said we had alcohol. Quite a bit of it. Most of the people having it probably shouldn't have, and the ones that didn't have much should have had more. Lots more.
Exhibit E) Where my father tells my husbands' sister (The Princess) that she doesn't look like anyone else in the family - except her butt looks just like my husbands'. What's with that, Dad?
Exhibit F) Where my SIL (not The Princess) comes late and takes over the entire conversation to tell us about all the people at work and what just went on at the big retirement party she'd come from. Excuse me? I don't care. I don't know these people. I will never have an occasion to meet these people and if I do, I really don't want to know that much about them. It frightens me to know what this woman must tell other people about us. We tell her as little as possible. Always.
Exibit G) Where my father makes the comment at some point during dinner that "Sue (not my family's name for me, but I'm not putting that out here) is just like me - we don't live in the past. We let the past go and live for the future." WTF? First, I don't know where that comes from, but I've been trying for years to get a grasp on where I've come from and how it effects me. I pretty much dwell in the past in a lot of ways. Where he came up with that one, I'll never know.

After the BIL and family leaves, and my parents leave, then we have to carry on polite conversation for another three hours with MIL (the Queen) and The Princess. I'm sorry, but I'm just not a people-person. I'll feed you, I'll take to you for awhile, but then please leave. I'm tired. I have dishes to do. I have a house to pick up. I'd like to go to bed with a good book and forget I had to have this touchy-feeley dinner tonight. God, am I anti-social tired.

Until the next one...