Monday, August 01, 2005

The Helpless

This makes me furious. I'm not a member of PETA. As a matter of fact, sometimes PETA people are waaaay over the line. I am, however, an animal nut. I love animals. One of my goals if I were to ever win the lottery is to build and/or sponsor a no-kill animal shelter. It's bad enough when the animal control facilities are full and they can't care for further animals and they have to be euthanized. It's criminal when they are treated like this. It makes me want to take the man who did it, put him in a cage and see how he likes it!

I'm kind of like that with most things criminal. I think whatever crime has been committed, that is the punishment that should be given. You rape someone? You get raped. You torture someone? You get tortured. Exactly the same. You drown some helpless animal. You get the same punishment. Might make you think twice before doing it. I'm not sure the death penality is really a deterant. I think sometimes the people who get it are so evil that it's just a matter of going home for them - even if we're talking hell. (I'm probably gonna hear about it now!)

I just think that the humans are supposed to be a little smarter, a little wiser, a little kinder. Would be nice if guys like this didn't prove that wrong.