Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Little Pressure

As I've mentioned before, I work with men. Usually, there are only three in my office, then there are four who spend most of their days either in fields, or in the shop. Right now we have extra men roaming the property because they're adding onto one of our storage facilities. There are about six of these guys. The men who don't work directly in the office building, still manage to come in frequently for breaks or whatnot (the bathroom is in here, as well as the vending machines).

One of my office co-workers has this.

Yesterday, he decided to be funny. The manager in charge of the new construction was in the office making some phone calls. I and my "roommate" (what I call the guy who shares my space) , and this jokester put the "noisy" part of this toy in our office. Then, he proceeded to remotely activate it while sitting across the building in his office. We have big glass windows between the three offices, so we can see each other. I can't see the guy making the phone calls, but the others can... they say he keeps looking at our office with a puzzled look on his face. We're biting our tongues trying not to bust out laughing. Then...the "roommate" leaves the building! Yeah, you know what's coming next... ppppffffftttt....!

They figure when this guy got off the phone he probably went outside and said, "I don't know HOW those guys can stand to be in the office with that woman! She was farting up a STORM!"

About 5 minutes ago the plant manager (the one with the toy) put it in his pocket and he and my "roommate"were going to go out and just walk through the construction... and he was going to bend over and let 'er rip... maybe now they won't think it's ME anymore...! Then again...