Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dear Co-Worker

After constant disregard for my wants and needs over the past five years, I took it upon myself to create a form that you can fill out with all my requirements. Yes, I realize a lot of those questions look familiar. Why? Because I asked the same questions of you each and every time you called. Questions that each and every time you had forgotten to find out and made me wait on the phone while you dug through your mountains of paperwork very neatly organized file cabinet to get the answer.

So please explain this conversation.

Me: Can I help you?
Him: Yes, I need you to send some application files to me.
Me: Do you ever read your e-mail?
Him: Uh...(other guy) does...
Me: We've changed how we're doing things this year. There is a form you must fill out and fax to me or, you can fill it out on the computer and e-mail it to me.
Him: You mean this GPS Call-back form...that I just pulled out of the drawer?
Me: Yep. That'd be the one.
Him: Oh. Okay.

I sent this form, along with instructions, via e-mail early in the summer and again in August. I sent further, more specific instructions for items that may have been confusing just a week or so ago. Does NO ONE read these things I send?

It's going to be a loooog fall at this rate.