Saturday, October 01, 2005

Did I Mention They're Very Much Alike?

There are some weird coincidences that run in our family. We've discussed the 'clone' thing I have going with Em (if you don't believe it, go on over to her blog and check out the wedding picture - it'll convince you if nothing else will).

Another thing I have going on is the son-in-laws. I have two and the girls both think they married guys who are just like their dad. Honestly, they may have a point.

The first and most alarming one is my oldest daughter, Manda. She got married young to a Leo who was a petite almost feminine man. My oldest is the smallest of the kids (she was the premie - she and I are Sagittarius' and she was born two days after my 19th birthday) and her first husband wasn't any bigger than she was. This was a relief in a way, because we didn't have to worry that he'd ever beat her up. An important thought because she met him on the i-net and we were very leery of the whole thing. He came from another state, and they seemed to hit it off right away. We made every effort to accept him for our daughter's sake, and when they decided to get married we gave them our blessing. She had a little boy by him, and we love him to pieces. He's the sweetest kid on the planet (except, I'm sure, for your kids... that's a given.)

At any rate, a few years down the road, he's hooking up on the i-net with someone else. Yeah. Not good. The big "D" came along and Manda was on her own for awhile. Someday we'll get into that whole story, 'cause it's a good one.

However, now comes this big, sweet, teddy-bear of a guy from her work that has been there from the beginning of the big "D" days, and took a big brunt of the backlash from Manda. She really didn't want to get involved with anyone, but he finally won her over - after quite a long time. Did I mention he's a Leo, too?

The ironic part of all this is: I, too, was married young to a Leo. (He and Manda's ex even have the same birthday - albeit a different year!) A small, rather petite man who was the same height as me when I was 16 and he's was 18, but who ended up 2" shorter than me by the time we married (when I was 18). We had two children, and a rather turbulent marriage. I married for all the wrong reasons - escaping my parents being the primary one - but I figure God has it all worked out 'cause there are no two kids that could be any greater than my oldest - unless, of course, it's my youngest two. All four of them are the best you could ask for. I know, I'm sickening.. moving on...

Now, I went through the big "D" with a guy who is standing by me the whole time... a guy who came along, out of the blue, when I was telling everyone (including him) that I was never getting involved again. Never getting married again, and certainly never having more children. What's that famous line about "never say never" ? Uh-huh. Turns out, this guy is a big, sweet, teddy-bear of a man who turned into my best friend and then husband of 26+ years. (He, too, is a Leo - his birthday being two days before Manda's current husband's!)

I mean, what are the odds? Her ex and my ex acted exactly alike, had the same build and character, and we both ended up divorcing them. The new hubbies are alike, built alike, and have lots of the same qualities!

Now, Em's hubby isn't built the same, nor is he a Leo - that would be just toooo creepy. But he does have a lot of the same ideas, feelings, and even some mannerisms of my Hubby. At some point, I believe with him, though, it has been more exposure than anything. He's been around my husband enough to pick up on some of these things and they've 'rubbed off'. I may be wrong, but that's just a thought.

What this is all getting to, is Manda just started a blog, and Em hasn't had one for very long. They both told their hubbies and I told mine at the same time Em told hers. They don't get it. Em's hubby has started his own, but judging by the cobwebs gathering over there, I'm not sure it's gonna fly. My husband has checked mine out a bit, but he's way more interested in going to see Em's ("That kid sure can write, can't she?" he says.) He hasn't been pointed at Manda's yet - just been told it's there. Manda's husband thinks it's "interesting, but I don't know why you do it". Wow. That could have come out of my husbands' mouth.

Why? What started out as just a way to vent, for me at least, has turned into more of a way to share my day and what's going on in my head with my family - and of course - any of you who are nice enough to stop by. I love reading everyone else's because it gives me a clue into what's going on around the country - and the world - and some people are such beautiful writers I can't help but savor each line they write. I've talked about them before so I won't get into it again, but suffice it to say, over there on that list... yea... that one... on the right... there are some fantastic writers. People who if they took some of their day-to-day blogs and put them in a book, I'd be snapping it up. Their words are like candy and I hold them on my tongue for as long as I can. I hate the fact that I can't put things in such a beautiful way to move your heart, but maybe someday...

I'm just tickled pink that I've met so many nice people and I love sharing my world with you. Oh, and guys... it's just one of those things we do. We're all creative beings and it's our little outlet into the world. Don't panic. We aren't going to tell EVERYTHING... and remember, don't tell Grandma! Feel free to keep reading what we write and don't be afraid to comment. We'll listen. Honest.