Saturday, October 01, 2005

Is It Just Me?

I know why you've done it. I understand completely. I truly do. If I was getting a bunch of spam, I, too would let the blogger word scramble security thing do a happy dance and send multiple jumbles of letters flying about for us to type after we enter our comments. I just have one complaint.

Why the hell can't I type them right the first time?

Is anyone else besides me having this trouble? I swear, it takes me three times to get it right. I find it amusing that even blogger thinks I'm an idiot, in that each one gets easier than the last, until I'm down to about 3 letters spaced 1" apart in block script. It isn't that I can't type, it's that half the time I can't tell what the stupid letter is supposed to be!!!

I'm highly amused that over at Bitchilicious 's blog, she is such a wiz (I'm sure she's done this herself, I don't think these things are that intuitive) that the word to enter is always in someway a comment in itself. She's a computer person, so I'm thinking she's done it. Worth it just to leave a comment!

I was laughing at B'Tude's comment on my last post about her case of EITTTS. It reminded me of the fact that I can't wear a watch. Have you heard of such a thing? I've tried for years to wear a watch, but they die on me. (I heard that - yes, I replaced the battery). Hubby even got me this beautiful watch for our first anniversary that they ended up completely replacing the innerds to - and it quit again on me. If I wear them for too long they just die. Thank God we're talking a watch, not say, a car...! Or television! E-gads! That would be horrid!

...and as far as Mr G telling me CRS may never go away. Well, we'll just see about that was your name again?

So, unless I get a really painful case of EITTTS and kill the computer, or the CRS gets worse and I can't even remember how to find your blogs, I'll still be there, typing in the comment section and entering in your friggin' little codes. It just may take me a time or two. Be patient.