Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy

Stop what you're doing right now and go over and see what's new at Brad's house! What happiness! What joy! What a cutie... right up there with Brian's Bean! (Of course, Brian's an old hat at this now, so he's not posting as many pictures... I figure Brad will keep us updated more often. Probably Sebastian will have his own blog just like big sister Zoey does!) Disclaimer: This does NOT mean the rest of you have ugly children. In fact, many of you have lovely, cute and hilariously funny children. Yours are just older and I'm into the instant gratification of new birth.

Also, in the good news department, go tell mama at mamalife how happy we all are that Wilma left 'em alone! Whoot!

Isn't it fun when there is something nice to report?

Oh, and keep posting those memories below!... I enjoy them... except Em's. I was hoping that one would be forgotten a long time ago... sigh.. I don't know which is worse, your mom bringing up embarrassing things or your KIDS doing it? It's a toss up.

Okay, back to my regular whining...