Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This Evening's Post Will be Brought to You by the Letter W

Whoot!!! Whoopie!!! Wonderful!!! Weepin' Mother Mary and Joseph!!! Okay, I slipped that one in there to see if you were payin' attention. Why am I giggling like a schoolgirl? Why am I jumping up and down? Why am I spinning the kitties until they are clawing and spitting like all get-out? Because for once the Gods are with me. Yep. For once I have spun the magic eight-ball and it came up GOOD NEWS. For once I rolled the dice and it was my lucky number. Are you all dying of curiosity now???

Hubby asked his brother and family for Thanksgiving dinner and They. Can't. Come.

You can commence celebrating now. I know I will be...