Thursday, March 02, 2006

Something In the Water?

Last weekend I was talking to a co-workers' wife at our annual Christmas party. (Yes, I did say Christmas party - we're not known for punctuality.) We were discussing the fact that we just had one co-worker who was leaving for Alabama the next day because his grandfather had passed away. That led us to the fact that another co-worker had his brother suddenly taken in a freak car accident, and two weeks later yet another co-worker had his relatively young father die suddenly.

The woman was saying that her father had passed away in December (which I knew) and they had had 14 - yes, fourteen - people they knew pass away since then. Fourteen in less than three months.

I know they say as you get older more people you know die, but c'mon... this is ridiculous. Guess it's a lesson, huh? Give someone you love a call, a hug, and tell them how you feel. ...oh, and don't let them drink the water...