Friday, April 14, 2006

Odds and Ends Friday

Is it just me, or is this weather really weird? Yesterday, here in mid-Iowa, I found out we made it into the 90's. The 90's! It's April! That's August (State Fair) weather. It better get normal before summer comes...

One week until we move Em home. Counting the days!

Go over to Amy's site and give her a hearty Congratulations!! She just had a beautiful baby girl.

Planting started "officially" as of yesterday.

With spring officially started (meaning the farmers are in the fields) work is chaos. The guys I work with are running in and out of the office, filling and delivering anhydrous tanks, helping with chemicals, fixing things that have broken. Phones are ringing off the hook - if not the two lines in the office, it's their cell phones. Farmers wanting tanks, water, chemicals - all the fun stuff that goes with spring planting. I was bored. For just a bit... until they started doing some new soil sampling. That's my area. Now, suddenly, I'm swamped with work and having to work all day, every day, and Saturday. Yep. There went my weekend... oh, well... part of the job.

Hubs and I are being good on our diets. It's killing me. I miss things. Yesterday was really hard, but I toughed it out. Bonus? I've lost 10 lbs. Yeah, I know, I needed to anyway. It's all good. Hard, but good. Makes it easier that he has to eat the same things... keeps me doing the right things. Is interesting trying to come up with lunch solutions for us both, tho'... he takes his lunch to the field and I'm having to do a "Hubs" lunch and a "son" lunch. So far, so good...

A good bloggie friend is having a hard time. Go over and tell Darrell "hi" and make him feel better... Tell him Sue sent ya.

Last, but certainly not least... in case you missed it, this has been Sizzle's birthday week. She's been working up to her actual birthday on Tuesday, the 18th. Put it on your calender and go over and wish her a happy one! She's got a lot on her plate right now, too - a big move on the horizon and all that is entailed with picking up your life and taking it to another part of the country. At least I know WE won't lose touch with her... will we, Siz?

Have a Happy Friday (Good Friday, to those of you to whom it applies)... and a good weekend (to those of you who actually get one!).