Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fun at the Fair II

Random Observations

Those shorts don't do you justice. They are so short that your pockets hang out the bottom.

You are wearing that lovely straw cowboy hat with the red, white, and blue boa feathers wrapped around as a headband and stringing down the back. It would look adorable on ... okay, it looks adorable on no one, but especially a 30-year-old male.

The airbrushed t-shirt and matching airbrushed ballcap make quite the fashion statement.

Can that shirt / shorts / tank top / get any tighter?

Do I have to see your belly? If you had a nice, tight, six-pack that would be different. You, honey, don't.

I'm sure you are very proud of that tattoo. So is your mother.

Get a room.

Please keep your boob inside at all times. Unless you are breastfeeding. You. Are. Not.

Yep. You needed that turkey leg / corn dog / funnel cake / ice cream / fried twinkie / saltwater taffy / giant cinnamon roll / something-on-a-stick / pork chop / roast beef dinner / gyro / pizza / fried chicken / deep fried oreo. I could see you were gonna starve without it. (Disclaimer: I did not have ALL of these... only some.... and many options were left off the list.)

Carnies are hot. NOT.