Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Long Non-Existant Weekend

It's Monday? Um...no. It sure feels like it, tho'!

Friday night I played. I went to my daughter's house and played WoW. Fun? Hell yes! I think we end up talking almost more than we do playing... that's a good time, let me tell you.

Saturday we spent half the day getting ready to go camping and racing and the other half getting unready. (Is that a word?) It rained. Buckets. The rain came straight down for hours... and it was nice. The races were rained out, consequently the camping got rained out, therefore... no camping with MIL. Whoot! It's all good.

Saturday night Em, Hubs and I went to dinner at our favorite steak house then to the movie "Invincible" with Mark Wahlberg. There is something about that guy that reminds us of our eldest son. (I'd link him but he never updates his blog anymore... *hint*) It turned out to be a pretty good movie, considering I do not like sports much... or sports movies. But am always willing to root for an underdog (except Rocky... I've had my fill of that clown... and another one? Plluueeaszzee! Give it a rest!). Was a nice evening out.

Sunday and Monday I spent torn between household chores and crafts - watching shows I'd taped. I managed to wash windows and curtains (something long overdue) and worked my way through about six months of "Mystery Monday" shows from the BBC-America. I love BBC shows. Hubs can't stand them. Thinks they're soooo boring. Me? I think they have intrigue and interesting stories without all the car chases, shoot-em-ups and gratuitous sex. Not that I have a thing against any of that! Plus I'm a sucker for an accent.

Last night the big, week-long, national dirt track races started nearby. My son isn't racing it this year, as the car he's been driving is on the sale block (they thought they had it sold to someone who actually was going to race this week, but he backed out) so he's being a spectator and cheering on some friends. The race Saturday was to be the season finish for the regular track he races on, but now the race has been postponed for a couple of weeks and he won't have a car to race it. I think he's okay with that... He was track champion for his class (stock car) last year and now that he's changed classes (a-modified) he wasn't in it enough to get the points needed. However, rumor has it he may be up for rookie of the year in that class...! At any rate, Hubs, son, and dil2b went to the races last night and had a good time. MIL was not invited... and I don't think she even knew they were going. Hubs came home in a jovial mood. Was a nice change.

On that thought. Saturday night? When we went out? Son and friends had prepared food and a keg to take to the track for the season end race. It's rather a tradition. So, when it was rained out they decided just to have everyone over to the shop to eat and drink. Although we had other plans and didn't go, guess who did? You guessed it. MIL. She hung out with them all. night. long. Talk about a wet blanket. Poor guys...

Last, but not least, I want to mention some people who need some hugs. Please go over to Amy's site and tell her it's gonna be okay. They got some bad news over the weekend and it's rough... she doesn't deserve this. Also, Deb has lost a loved one. Very unexpectedly. And last, but certainly not least, Helen is posting. Heartbreakingly sad, but posting. There is nothing we can say to make it better, but please say a prayer in your heart for these people. They need some peace in their lives. We (I) bitch a lot, but know I am very, truly blessed.