Saturday, July 16, 2005

Cat's Out of the Bag

Uh oh. I did it. I opened my big mouth and made a comment to my daughter the other day that yes, I was not only reading blogs... I had one. Silly me. I didn't tell her the name. I gave her no clue. This is the ESP girl. Yeah. She found it. Immediately. She's spookey.

Now the big question becomes, will I start censoring myself knowing that she is reading it? Knowing that she may share it with other members of the family? Do I start worrying that I will be giving away tooo many insights into my mind and in doing so may lose more of it than I currently have?

I guess only time will tell. I figure she's a big girl now. She can handle it. Besides, she knows me so well that probably nothing I say will be a revelation anyway! Yeah, it's like that. Love ya, sweetie...