Tuesday, July 19, 2005

You Can't Kill 'Em

As previously reported, I am an only child. My husband, unfortunately, is not. I realize I do not always play well with others. So begins the tale of the brother-in-law.

I knew my BIL before I knew my husband. He was dating a friend of mine. I was not impressed. He was nice, but not my type. She didn't think he was her type either, but was merely using him. I finally got tired of this and after Hubby and I started dating, my concience kicked in and I had a heart-to-heart with BIL and explained the facts. He was crushed. I felt awful. To this day the woman and I barely speak.

BIL started dating a woman who was Princess Diana's twin sister. I mean, she could have been. She was gorgeous, sweet, the nicest thing. It didn't last long - I don't know why. Not my business.

Then came the Bitch. I'm not going to name names, suffice it to say that one works. She isn't pretty, she's not particularily clever, and she's the woman that everyone does not want to claim as a friend. She's sneaky, spiteful, and controlling. She claims to know everyone in their small town and to be their best friend - but if you talk to them, they really don't want to have anything to do with her. She surely has some kind of a trophy for gossip monger and is one of those who whisper all the time to make everything dramatic. Somehow BIL got hooked up with her.

His life. We stayed out of it.

He is the ultimate husband. They work at the same company - her in the office, he in the warehouse. I don't think he even sees his paycheck, she controls all the money. He doesn't carry any. Ever. She leaves him honey-do lists each and every day and all his time is accounted for. They now have been married several years and have two (brats) boys. Nothing has changed.

We used to try and get along. We tried to be sociable and do family functions together - birthdays, Christmas, etc. We still do Christmas, but gave up the pretense of birthday joy. It just ruined it.

I could go on and on... and probably will from time to time as this is an incredibly sore subject and there are many issues I can expand on. Suffice it to say he is the youngest and MIL seems to baby him just as much as she ever did. He's my age. We're adults here, people.

MIL has been out of town for a couple of weeks. (YIPPEE!) I digress...
She gets back yesterday and calls me up last night all bubbly about her trip. This is fine. This is good. I can handle this. Then she blindsides me.

MIL: You know, BIL and SIL didn't know about family friends' death
MIL: It would have been nice if you'd called them
Me: I guess I figured they knew
MIL: How would they know? They don't get the same newspaper!
Me: With SIL's network of informants rivaling the F.B.I. I figured she already knew! (Okay, I didn't actually SAY that, but I was thinking it!!!) I didn't know.
MIL: It would have been the brotherly thing for Hubby to tell them
MIL: One of you should have called them
MIL: One of you should have called them

Explain to me why I am getting chewed out for something that I had nothing to do with? <sigh>