Tuesday, August 02, 2005

We'll Miss You

You were a funny little thing. You came into our life quite unexpectedly. Your mom was at work and a lady brought in six hamsters to be sexed. She found out she had two females and decided she didn't want to keep the females, so your mom and another lady at the store took one of you home. You had a racing stripe down your back, so mom named you "Turbo".

More than once you got to come visit grandma. I bought you treats and took pictures. Just because you weren't a dog or a cat didn't mean you meant any less to me...

I never got to see you take a bath. Your mom told me how you would get in the dust-bath and stir up such a storm! She also told me how you would sometimes rear up in the corner of your habitat and growl! I didn't even know you could DO that!

When you came to my house, I got the biggest kick out of putting you in your ball and letting your roll all over the kitchen floor - scaring the cats to death. They didn't have a clue what to do with you, but they sure were facinated. You'd get a running start and really get to going, then roll over one of their tails and they'd freak out and hop and jump, not knowing if they should hit you or try and eat you. They did neither, only watched and jumped out of your way when you got close. I have lots of funny pictures of those times.

I'm sorry you got sick and are gone. Mom tells me she's bringing you back to Iowa to bury. We'll look out after you. Good night, sweet Turbo.