Friday, September 02, 2005

The Water Saga

So, I'm working away yesterday morning in the office by myself like a good worker bee when one of the construction guys comes in to use the restroom. Fine. Whatever. After enough time in there to read the bible (and probably to peel the paint), he comes out with a sheepish look on his face.

Guy: Uh...I forgot. There isn't any water to flush. We hit a water line.
Me: What?!?!
Guy: Yeah, we were digging and the locator mark was way off and we broke a line - there is no water

Do I dare mention another worker came in and used it before someone called to have the line fixed? Did you remember I'm the only woman working here? Let's put it this way - I went home at lunch and didn't come back.

This morning I walk in there is a big "Out of Order" sign on the door, but my co-workers in the office have smirks on their faces. They tell me it does work, they are just trying to discourage the construction guys. Whew!