Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I Am Not the Secretary (Not That There's Anything Wrong With Secretarys)

Because I work in a small office full of men and I am the only woman, I am often confused with being some kind of secretary. No, I cannot tell you what your bill is. No, I do not do the bookwork. No, I don't know anything about the inventory. No, I cannot do the timecards. No, I cannot post things to your account. Yes, I can answer the phone. If I have to. If I'm the only person in the office. Otherwise, someone else will answer it. Anyone else will answer it. Sometimes the machine even answers it.

Today we had a truck driver in the office who had taken his smartass pill this morning. He was standing in the outer office yapping to one of the guys "... blah blah blah...secretary...blah blah...sitting back there...blah blah...secretary." The person in my office finally said, "She's not the secretary. She's the GPS Manager". "Oooo..." smartass replied.

Then he starts in on farmers. "...blah blah blah...getting new pickups...blah blah..." I couldn't hear what all he was saying, but it didn't sound flattering. The person in my office beat me by a nano-second, "You'd better quit while you're ahead. She's also married to a farmer."