Sunday, October 02, 2005

Wasn't His Night

YS didn't have a very good night racing... He started ninth (or twelfth - I don't remember for sure what Hubby said), got up to third, and spun out. Yep. Spun out. Doesn't happen often to him, but the track was dry and he got up high trying to be daring and got into the "marbles" (loose gravel for you non-racing fans) and he lost control and spun her.

Oh, well. It wasn't for points or glory, just money - and not such a huge purse. The important thing is he's okay and car only has minor cosmetic injuries. Better luck next weekend - the last race of the year, I think...

P.S. MIL went and drove her and Hubby. Hubby informed me when he got home that he had to make her pull over and let him drive about half-way home. She drives like she talks... very very fast, then realizes it, so brakes...only for a moment or two, then she's going very, very fast again. Over and over. We won't even discuss the swerving.

I've often wondered why she doesn't use the cruise control?