Friday, November 11, 2005

Oops! He Did It Again

BIL is at it again.

MIL calls up Hubby wanting to know where the shotgun is that has been sitting in a closet at the shop for months. Hubby says he took it home and put it in the gun safe where it wasn't collecting dust and going to ruin. Why?

Because BIL wants to take his 10-year-old demon-spawn pheasant hunting.

How scary is that? Can he go out and buy anything? No. He's the biggest mooch on the planet. If, mind you, if the gun had been in the closet, Hubby wouldn't even be involved in this conversation. No... BIL would have gone over, taken it and used it without asking. That's the way it usually works. He might mention afterwards that he used it, but probably not unless something happened to it where he would have to 'fess up. He's a ten-year-old himself in a 43-year-old's body.

So, MIL is going to our house and getting him the gun. Heaven help us. Glad I'm not going to be anywhere in the vacinity. What's worse, is , when Hubby makes some comment about "why can't *brother* go out and buy *demon-spawn* his own gun?" they say, "Oh, *demon-spawn* just feels closer to grandpa this way". How many ways can I say BULL-SHIT. Let me count the ways...

Hubby reminds me once again that he is happy I'm an only child. Me too, honey... me too.