Monday, December 12, 2005

Five Things I Dreamed of Getting for Christmas a kid. This is from Plaza Jen.

1.) An Eazy-bake oven. You know. The one that bakes "safely" with a light bulb? I got it and loved it to pieces.

2.) A pair of spring shoes. Yes, they were shoes with springs in them that you could bounce to your little hearts' content... and I did.

3.) Ice skates and roller skates. Got 'em. Used the daylights out of them.

4.) A Barbie dream house. Didn't get the house, but got the car. Also, my grandmother and mother made clothes that I wished I still had. That girl was dressed to the nines!! My mother gave her away and all her stuff when I was in junior high. I wish I still had them. They'd be worth a pretty penny now!

5.) A bicycle. Got it. Blue. Baskets on the back. Be-a-u-ti-ful. I rode the tires off that thing.

How about you??