Monday, April 17, 2006

Is It Really Monday Already?

The weekend turned out to be shorter than I anticipated. I was hoping to get off work at noon, but no such luck... had to stick it out all day. That gave me one day to make some semblence of order around the house, catch up on laundry, dye my hair (shhhh), do my nails, and try to make some progress with WoW.

On top of it all, Cleo, the newest cat, must have gotten into the catnip a little too hard yesterday, as she was a pest. All. Night. Long. You know how when you are really tired sometimes you wake just enough to know there are things going on, but not enough to do something about it? Yeah. I kept thinking ... get up. Close the door. Shut her out. Especially when she spilled a half a glass of water on my head that was on the night stand. *sigh* By that time it was time to get up anyway...

Have I mentioned I'm tired?