Friday, August 19, 2005


Hubby and I went to a dinner tonight with entertainment. This was being sponsored by a company who does business with my company, so although it was required, it was something that it didn't hurt to make an appearance at.

The guy who runs this other company is rather a gregarious sort. Almost extreme.

We had some drinks, they grilled some food, and we had a nice dinner. Sat at a table with co-workers of mine (where are all the wives, guys?) and Hubby chatted with them all. He knows most of them from other things at work.

After dinner, there was a small speech, then the entertainment portion of our evening began.

Shoot me now.

The three-man band was good, don't get me wrong. They could play. They could amuse. But, DAMN! Does there have to be audience participation? Can't we just sit here and be, like, entertained?

We slipped out during intermission. Yeah, I know, party poopers.