Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Oh, Cleo!

Cleo is going to be a problem.

We had her de-clawed last week so she could go from outside cat to inside cat. We boarded her at the vet while we were gone because they need some special things the first few days and we weren't going to be there. We picked her up yesterday and brought her home. I took her to the room with the kitty litter boxes (clean) and the kitty food bowls (full) and left her to find her way upstairs.

A couple of hours later she came up. Meowing. She started looking out the windows. Meowing. I waited awhile and took her back down to once more remind her where the litter and food was.

She came back up a short time later. Meowing.

It got dark.

I went into my bedroom to watch TV.

Daughter let her dog out to do it's before bed business.

Knocking on the sliding glass door in my bedroom.

Daughter is standing there holding Cleo. Cleo escaped. She had to chase Cleo around the outside of the house to catch her. Now she gives me Cleo. Cleo is meowing.

Hubby comes to bed and we shut Cleo out of the bedroom (we don't need a catfight in the middle of our bed - it's happened before).

Morning. Hubby is in the livingroom drinking his coffee. Cleo is meowing.

Hubby: I think maybe we made a mistake.
Hubby: I think maybe Cleo wants to be an outside cat.
Me: She meowed when she was outside and tried to get inside!
Hubby: Oh. Yeah.

Hopefully, Cleo will quiet down and decide inside is better than outside... or it's going to some fun. (read sarcasm)