Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Me and My Big Mouth

Yeah, I swore you guys to secrecy, but I couldn't do it. I had to let it slip... I told Hubby I slept GREAT while he was gone.

Payback is hell. Last night I slept for shit. Before you get all excited, it wasn't his fault. (I don't think). We have one cat, Snobby, that's a himalayn. She likes to 'knock' on doors if she wants in. Last night she chose to knock on the door to my bathroom where the puppies sleep. Well, they hear noises like that they go into watch-dog-alarm-mode. You know, the one where they go "woof!woof!woof!" which I interpret to mean, "I'm scared, get up and protect me!"

I threw a pillow at Snobby twice, kicked her out once, and she still came back. I don't know what she thought was in the bathroom she had to have, but she was being persistant.

Just about the time I'm dozing off, my cell phone rings across the room on the charger. Nobody calls at this time of night with good news. Daughter called to tell me about Turbo. I went in the other room to try and keep hubby asleep and talked to her for awhile, then Hubby was up trying to find out who called. Back in bed we toss and turn... until I finally drift off. Oh, wait! Is that lightening? Oh, yeah... now it's 4 am and it's thinking about raining.

I'm tired today. Hubby's laughing his ass off.