Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Big Boy

You've met this guy before. This is Welling.ton. He's my 16-lb. bundle of joy. This has got to be one of the coolest cats on the planet.

He and brother beagle Ben.ny came to us on the same day from two different animal shelters. YD and I had gone hunting for a cat/dog and came home with one of each! More about Ben later...

He came with the name, but it fits him. I also could have named him 'Spats' because he has four little white spats on his feet.

When we found him, it had been a weird day. We started in Ames at the animal shelter and found one cat we really liked, but while we were there, it's owner came in and claimed it. Now, I'm all for people being reunited with their animals, so it was a good thing! Then we went to the shelter in Ankeny where they keep only cats. We saw Welling.ton there, reaching out through the bars for us. We took him out and he was this skinny little thing... but very friendly. They thought he was about a year old. His info said he would be good with dogs and cats, but then said he didn't get along with the previous owners' cat? Huh? Whatever... I'm confused. We thought he was adorable but felt we should go to the other shelter, too.

We went on to Des Moines and checked out their shelter which had cats and dogs. We found a cat there we liked, but someone was filling out paperwork as we were looking, so it was taken. The whole time my mind was still thinking about Welling.ton and how sweet he was. His little face was so small and his fangs were so big he almost looked like a little vampire! So cute!

While there, we found Ben.ny... to be introduced later.

On the way back north, we were talking and I told YD I just couldn't get that cat out of my mind. "Dad's gonna kill you"... was all she said.

We stopped in Ankeny and got him. From the moment he came to our home he's been the sweetest cat I've ever had as far as temperment goes. When Hubby got home late that night, Welling.ton went right up to him and greeted him and has been that way ever since. He's so warm and loving... just cuddles up to you and purrs like crazy. He's so good with the other cats, too. I don't know if it's because he's the only male, but they're all "its" if you want to get technical. He plays, but is never rough and is always good.

He was so good with the puppies when they came home, too. He just flopped down on the kitchen floor and let them go at him. They were pulling his tail and climbing all over him, and he didn't mind a bit. As they got bigger, he would get up where they couldn't get him, then lean over and swat at them. Just a big game.

Speaking of big... yes, he grew. From that itty bitty skinny kitty, to a big boy. His teeth almost fit in his mouth now...!

Ton-ton I call him for short, is my buddy. He climbs on me at night when I go to sleep, and he leaves after awhile, then comes back in early in the morning after I've taken the pups out when he knows I could use some warming up. When I read, he always thinks he has to be between me and the book, instead of behind the book, and he's been known to curl up between me and my laptop and stare at the screen as though he's reading along.

He's a sweetie with everyone. Patient and understanding. Doesn't make messes or beg for table food or go where he shouldn't. He is good with all the newer animals, dogs, cats, hamsters, whatever... (I'm not sure I'd trust him with fish, however!). He's a one-of-a-kind.