Thursday, September 08, 2005


Ignore the sleeping person. She'll be introduced later. For now, focus on the small bundle of fur curled up on her side. That would be Patch - short for Patch Adams (movie with Robin
Williams based on a real person).

This is the cat who came to us through the generosity of a city apartment dweller. Let's put it this way, YD was living in an apartment off-campus while going to college and it was her roommates' cat. I'd see cat occasionally when I went to visit YD, and it was a really nice cat, very friendly.

One day, YD came home and told me that the landlord found out about cat and it was either the cat, or them had to go. She was bemoaning the fact that her roommate was going to take Patch to the pound. This cat was just waaaay to sweet and nice to go there, I told Hubby.

It's now our cat. She's one of the younger ones - only about 4, now. She used to be the troublemaker before we got the newest kitty. As the youngest, I think she just kept trying to get the others to play with her - as well as giving Jammie a tussle over bed privledges. All in all, she's very effectionate. She loves to sit on Hubby's chest and pat the side of his face on his beard. If he stops petting her, she'll roll her eyes at him and pat him. It's become a morning ritual while he's drinking his coffee and watching the morning shows. I tease him that it's the mint smell of his chew, but I'm sure it's not... (wink-wink).

When YD was living with us again for awhile when she was finishing school, she would get a wake up call from Patch every morning. YD found out she was allergic to cats and dogs before we finished the house, so including getting a very fancy furnace filter, we also kept her door closed so the cats could never go in there and contaminate her room. She took her allergy meds, so she could stand being around them in the rest of the house, but she'd have her door closed and when she was in there at night, Patch knew she was there and had to let her know it. I warned eldest son when he moved down there that Patch might try and wake him up, not realizing YD wasn't there anymore. He claims she never did. Guess she's smarter than I gave her credit for!