Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Beautiful Daughters

This is a lovely picture taken at my youngest daughter's wedding. The beautiful woman on the left is my eldest daughter, the one on the right was the bride, and the old guy in the middle is Hubby. He happened to be dancing with the eldest when the bride cut in... a good pic of the three of them.

My Eldest Daughter (ED) was my smallest baby - and as an adult is my smallest child. She was two months premature and weighed in at just 3lb-5oz. Except for getting her lungs opened up and some jaundice, she was healthy and just had to be hospitalized in NICU until she was 5 lbs before she could go home. I'm glad she was my first, as the time involved in taking care of her at the beginning would have been incredibly difficult with other children. We were blessed that she was as healthy as she was and has grown to be such a wonderful mom herself!

She had lots of practice helping with the other three kids, I'll tell you! Hubby swears she's the one who raised them! He's not too far wrong... when I had to go back to work in town, she was my rock. I probably depended too much on her, and for that I truly am sorry. We just don't know until hindsight, do we? But I can't say enough how wonderful this woman has turned out to be. She is my diamond. Beautiful. Flawless. Not without some hard knocks of her own... but she's come through them in shining form. I admire and respect her so much - sometimes you just wonder how these people grow up and seem to get through all you put them through. Amazing. Simply amazing.