Saturday, September 24, 2005

Pitter Patter Pitter

No, I'm not talking about little feet. Geez... Okay, I guess that could have been little feet. You're excused for thinking that. No, I'm referring to rain! It's raining! I don't ever remember it was supposed to rain today... I think they're talking it could be because of Rita, if you can believe that... clear up here in Iowa!

At any rate, it's been a rather lethargic day. The 'big' race tonight is postponed until tomorrow afternoon due to rain continuing up where the track is. It's pretty well stopped here for the time being, but I expect it may rain a bit more. One of those days where the sun comes out just long enough to heat it up and fire up more rain. I'm doing my 'jammie day' veggie routine. YES! YES! YES! The only thing that could make it better is if I had a couple of my kids here veggin' with me...

I watched "Threshold" again last night. Not too bad. It could become a fav. I forgot "Firefly" was on, though...damn. I can't wait until the 30th when the movie comes out. ("Serenity"). Should be very good.

I was reading, then fell asleep before Hubby called to let me know about the race. Stayed awake then until he came home, chatted a bit, and went back to sleep, only to wake a short time later with the pups. I just don't think I ever got into a deep sleep 'cause I'm dragging today.

I must say, you people are the best! I've been playing 20 questions with one of you (mwhaaa haa haa - I'm not telling, you'll have to try and figure out who it is) - only we're sticking to about 10 questions at a time. It's very eye-opening and is making me THINK. Geez... who would guess that you people were so damn SMART? Holy Cow! My brain hurts!

Now I'm probably going to hear some lecture about opening up and letting someone know who I am out here in blogland. I admit it, I'm probably a little naive. I've told a couple of people my real address and have gotten things in the mail. That's been fun. It's also been rewarding to know they trust me enough to let me know who they really are and where they live! It's nice to be trusted.

So far, so good. Let's keep it that way, 'kay? I'm having a good time... let's not spoil the fun.