Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Links

Inky from Surviving Inky - Check out this gals other blog and her artwork! Really cute! Talented person...for sure.

100 Reasons Why I Hate My Husband - A rather dark blog, but interesting to get a peek inside another life.

I Can't Even Float In Water This Deep - Out of Character - I'm just catching up on this one...Entertaining so far!

Moody Mama - I found this lady through Amy at "Comments from the Peanut Gallery". More good family stuff!

Lisa at Desert Daze of My Life - Great Minds Think Alike! She actually found me on another blog we like, cw's "Witt and Wisdom". I'm still catching up on hers, too, but I like what I've seen.

Finally, may I present, balcap at Front Step. Another beginner, with major potential.

As always, check them out if you don't know 'em already - and tell them Sue sent me. Wait for it... yep...Sue who? Sorry - I'm pathetic. It never gets old.