Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wednesday Night in the Country

Ah, yes... a quiet night in the country... NOT.

I no more than get home from work, put some supper in the oven, and start to fiddle with my new fax machine/phone/answering machine super combo, when my cell phone rings. It's youngest son. DIL2B is having fits with her laptop. She has some serious homework that has to be done tonight. This is her birthday (which I knew) but she can't celebrate because of this serious homework. She's been trying to get it to work for an hour and she hasn't been able to type one word.

Never fear... Super Mom is here! (Shaddup - I can pretend, can't I?)

They only live 2 miles away, so I go out and jump in my trusty steed and gallop off to the rescue. (Geez...okay, I get into my Tahoe and drive. Happy? Whose fantasy is this, anyway?)

I mess with it for a bit. This isn't good. Hate to say it, but it's looking like a virus to me. Being the good and generous mom I am, I offer her my laptop to use until I have time to fix hers. Home to get the laptop. Back to her house. Get her dial-up internet set up on the computer. TRY to hook up her printer. No disk. No drivers. Check the internet. It's going to take HOW long on dial-up? Sheesh. Home again. Download drivers in 2 minutes. Burn to CD. Go back to her house. Load drivers. Play a bit - hmmm... doesn't seem to be working. Oh, wait. Exactly. Wait. I wait long enough, it's working. I'm too impatient and am used to things moving much faster than this.

She's up and running.

Home. Again. 8 o'clock. Dinner is ready. Fax machine/phone/answering machine is gonna have to wait. "Lost" is waiting.

Tonight we're supposed to do something "surprising" for her birthday. Her parents wanted to surprise her, but YS thought maybe it would be a good thing to mention it to her since her stress levels are extremely high right now with school. So, we're all going to act like she didn't know so her parents will be happy. The things we do... I hope tonight is much quieter.