Saturday, October 15, 2005

They're All Mouth

No, I'm not talking about today's youth... although, come to think of it, I could be.... just kidding!

I'm talking about itsy bitsy teeney weeney grains of pepper sized bugs we call "no-see-ums". I know that sounds like a dumb name, but trust me, once you see them, you wonder how. Up close and personal, they look like a little Pac-Man, all mouth and teeth.

Because of our rare "Indian Summer" we're having this week, all the bugs are back... the asian beetles (like lady bugs only orange), the box elder bugs, the flies, and most annoying... the no-see-ums. I've mentioned this before, but I've got some strange reaction to bug bites. No matter how small, they swell up HUGE. I've never been tested, but I'm probably one of those people who would go into shock if I got stung by a wasp or bee. Then, after the initial swelling and itching, it goes down somewhat... until, oh...about 11 o'clock at night as I'm just drifting to sleep. Suddenly, everthing itches! I've tried about every cortisone cream (extra strength!), benedryl, ice, numbing sprays, you-name-it... nothing works. Arrgghh!

I'm ready for another hard freeze... kill those little bastards!!!