Monday, November 21, 2005

Dear Co-Workers

I've taken it upon myself to send you all an e-mail detailing my complete and utter irritation with you at this point in time. Why? Because today I received my third client call this fall. Three doesn't sound like much, except I'm not supposed to receive one. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I don't talk to the clients. Never. Ever.

I am a tool. (Yes, you can laugh at my expense if you feel so inclined...) I am no different than the computer I run. I am here to be the technician behind the scenes. That being the key phrase here. Behind the scenes.

If a client wants his data transferred to another company, you deal with them and give me the okay to do this. If a client wants to know what we have for them on file, you ask me and then report to them. If a client wants a report, you call me and I will gladly produce the report and send it either directly to them or to you.

At no point in any transaction should I be speaking with or dealing with a client. You are the salesmen. You are the contact person. You are their helpful dealer. I am the tool. Remember that. We'll get along a lot better.