Friday, November 18, 2005

The Sound of Silence

Not what you think.
I've been having strangeness with my vehicle. I'll be driving down the road and suddenly all the electrical stuff in the truck will stop. Immediately. This includes the engine, all power "stuff" like brakes and steering, lights, flashers, turn signals... you name it. Very akward if you have just passed a semi-tractor right before it chooses to do this. Uh. Yep. Scary ain't the half of it. I just coasted to the side of the road, where, miraculously, my rig started right back up. Huh?

I'm no mechanic (but thank goodness I'm married to one) and he said he'd look at it.

Except, as of last night when I went to leave work, he hadn't had a chance to look at it yet. So, one of the guys at work had gone out to start everyones' vehicles to let them warm up. (Nice, aren't they?) I go out a few minutes later, get in my truck, put it in gear, start backing up, flip on the headlights and... wait for it... yeeessss... it dies. Deader 'an a hammer (one of Hubby's favorite phrases). Does it start back up? No. Thank goodness I'm still in the parking lot at work, not stranded on a road somewhere.

I call Hubby (yes, he's on speed dial). He comes. He looks. He takes me home and brings me back this morning with a new battery and other doo-dads. All fixed!! Yes!

Oh, and I'm having some weirdness with the computer at home. That's why I'm a little behind my blogging and/or reading blogs. Just in case you were wondering. If you weren't wondering, then disreguard this message...