Sunday, November 20, 2005

Because You WERE Wondering

...about the party. I heard you mumbling to yourself as you clicked onto the site. What? No update yet? Has she even gotten HOME from this party? Maybe she was kidnapped and they forced her to eat gizzards and rocky-mountain-oysters and chug beer until she puked! D'you suppose??


We were one of the first ones there. I wasn't drinking alcohol. I was the dd and needed to keep whatever wits I have left about me so the 'bad Sue' didn't rear her ugly head. Hubby was a doll. He stayed with me until a woman I knew fairly well came and talked to me and kept me company most of the evening - and she really didn't want to be there either. Whew! Then, as things went on, one of my co-workers wives came to talk to me, too. Between those two and Hubby checking up on me about every fifteen minutes, I made it through.

They had lots of food - you think I'm kidding about the gizzards and rocky-mountain-oysters? Nope. They had lots worse... and better. I ate a bit, but wasn't really hungry, so just munched a bit. Then the music started and one of the twenty-somethings that was there decided to sing happy birthday to the host - off key - loudly - oh, my bleeding ears!!

I got some fashion tips. There was another twenty-something there with pink and lime green leather cowboy boots - handmade - ugly as sin. She was pretty proud of 'em, though. I saw guys who were there who weren't supposed to be with women that shouldn't have been let out of the house. I saw a woman couples who'd been divorced for years in the same room. Shocker. We didn't stay long enough for the drunk brawling or the blowing chunks in the back of the bushes, but we stayed long enough for both of us.

Hubby was a sweetheart. He had me home before 10. Of course, I swear they must have tried to poison me. At midnight I was experiencing projectile vomiting along with projectile...uh... other things. Someone brought this up one time and wondered how you handled the two distinct problems happening at the same time. Easy. You sit on the toilet with a garbage can on your lap and let it all out. Believe me, you feel twenty pounds lighter when you're done!

This morning I actually didn't feel all that bad, just tired. Didn't get a damn thing done today I was supposed to for Thanksgiving, but gee... what would it be without the panic-cleaning that involves shoving things in every unoccupied closet, slamming the door, and praying no one opens that particular one? Ah... I live for the excitement!