Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Last Decent Fall Day

Last night was unusual. Normal routine calls for me to rush home from work, get the pups out, fix supper, set the VCR's for tv shows I want to watch later, pick up the house a little, perhaps make the bed if I've rushed out that morning (or Hubby's still in it), do dishes, and get into jammies awaiting the arrival of Hubby, the evening meal and tv watching/blogging/reading routine.

Last night I went home, let the pups out, and decided it was just borderline warm enough to sit outside for a bit. There was a scent of woodsmoke on the air and I got inspired to get a fire going outside in the firepit. I got it going, called Hubby to see if he was coming home soon, and just sat and enjoyed the bright moonlight, the fire, the pups being silly... and when he got there, Hubby's company. I went inside and got the VCR's programmed, grabbed us some cold adult beverages, the pups some treats, the people some munchies, and we spent a couple of hours just enjoying each other and the fire and the peaceful countryside.

It's supposed to storm later today. I'm at work this morning. I have errands to run this afternoon and things to do at home, but in a little pocket of time I found some good "quality" time with my spouse. Damn, I like my life.