Monday, January 02, 2006

An Evening in the Company of ... Goodness!

Last night proved to be a great beginning to the New Year. Hubby and I were invited to dinner at our eldest sons'. Due to logistics, the dinner was actually held at his girlfriends' apartment, a warm and inviting place made more so by the little homey touches she had tucked here and there. A crackling fire, lovely scented candles here and there, and pictures of family all lent itself to relaxation.

Not to gush, but they really do make a cute couple. They cooked the most supurb dinner for us, complete with appetizers, cold beverages, and good conversation. Watching them working together in the kitchen as they kept bringing out treat after treat, was in itself a delight. It was a time to get to know this young woman better, away from the normal hectic scene when the whole family gets together and she is more observer than participant.

The food, the company, the ambiance... it was all terrific. We're looking forward to more experiences like this.