Friday, January 13, 2006

New Linky Goodness

I'm a little lax in putting up my new links... some of these are people I've been secretly reading, but haven't gotten around to sharing and probably MOST of these are people you already knew because I found 'em through YOU! See how nicely that works?

DB (B'Tude's Guy) - Corporate Crap and Other Dubious Wisdom
Echo mouse
Kathleen - It's Only Life After All
Joe - Freudian Slips
Poppy Cedes
Kip (Kandy's honey) - The Hooded Lantern
Ryan, Darrell's son - His Shadow Paces the Floor
Steph - Small Adventures

Remember, if you go by tell 'em "Sue sent me"... I always love those looks of confusion until they figure it out.