Friday, June 16, 2006

Family Secrets

We all have secrets. Some are pretty harmless (yes, I'm the one who gets the extra roll of tp out of the closet at work when it gets low) and some are more serious. We keep secrets from our parents (no, I do not want them to know about my blog, thankyouverymuch) and sometimes even secrets from our spouses (I just HAD to have that Hershey bar, honey!).

I've kept the secret from you of who is visiting this weekend. Some of you have figured it out, some of you know... it will be revealed soon, I promise.

Some secrets just piss me off. Why? Because the people who are keeping the secrets are the same people who have to know everything about everyone. I do mean everything. I'm talking about my in-laws. Specifically, my brother-in-law and his wife. My immediate family can barely take a shit without those people wanting to know how long it took, how much tp we used, what did it smell like, what color and texture. You get the idea. (Pardon the graphic picture I just put in your head)

My sister-in-law in particular thinks she knows it all. Mention any name in a 60-mile radius and she will know all about them, their family, and how much they make - down to the color of their undies on Sunday. Oh, and don't forget - they're her friends. *cough* Although, ironically, if you mention her name to any of them you get the same blank and/or disgusted look and they get the flight or fight panic gleam in their eyes.

Now, my sister-in-law has worked for a company since she graduated from high school and she's 40-something. Pretty decent job. Her husband even got a job at the same company after they married and it worked out well - she worked in the office and he would never see his paycheck. She'd just take it and run... giving him his "allowance". She had loads of seniority, good benefits, and 5 weeks paid vacation. Pretty nice job if you can get it.

A few months ago she quit the company (to everyone's shock!) and took a job in a neighboring town. It was a real nifty-cool thing if you ask them. Lots of hoopla! Got a big notice that her e-mail changed to, of course, big company's name. Big advancement for her, we were told. Ooooo... impressed? I was slightly underwhelmed.

Hubs found out today in the grapevine that she's no longer at the premium job. She's working at a bank. A. Bank. Now, don't get me wrong, some of my best friends have worked at banks. I know for a fact that she wouldn't be an officer, so that pretty much leaves clerk or teller, neither of which pay what she was making at job one.

He also found out she tried to get her old job back. Uh uh. No. Sorry Charlie. (D'ya feel a tear comin' on?)

Have we heard about this from mother-in-law? Not a word. Did brother-in-law mention it in his 30-minute fun-filled phone call to Hubs yesterday? Nope. It's okay to be all hush-hush. It's them...

Guess I've "outed" them, huh? But then, they don't know that, do they?.... it's a secret...