Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Ramblings

The co-worker who is gone... is missed. A lot.

It's going to be a weekend filled with my continuing attempt to get my bookwork organized. (How did it get to be such a mess?) Feel my pain.

I'm still coughing. Thanks for asking.

Still need rain. Ya listening, God?

I'm getting to know some of my WoW co-players better. Interesting how we can have so many things in common besides the game.

It always amazes me how many talented people there are in the world - most who don't even know they hold such talent.

I wish I had more energy.
I wish I was more organized.
I'd sure like to win that lottery.
Not necessarily in that order.

I thank the powers that be every day for my beautiful family and loving Hubs. I'd give it all up to have them be happy.

Have a good weekend... I'm gonna be busy.