Sunday, July 02, 2006

How Much Faster Time Flies

Has it only been a year since my eldest son and I traveled to Kansas to surprise my youngest daughter on her birthday? One year? Whooo hee... seems like it's been a lot longer, so much has happened this year.

With all the drama surrounding her divorce getting finalized - this coming week - and the move back home, it's been far from dull. She's re-working her life and coming up with new plans and goals and dreams... and yet... she is still the same girl/woman I have known and loved forever.

She and I spent some 'quality' time last night together while Hubs was a youngest son's race. (Motor blew up, btw... *sigh*). We hit about every subject on the planet, and then some. What a unique perspective she has on the world! Funny, refreshing, and bright... she kept me laughing most of the evening.

She tells me she thinks our family "isn't normal"... but in a good way...
She gets hit on just by walking in a bookstore and buying Russian literature...
She's a lovely, TALL, redhead with a bright smile and gorgeous auburn eyes... and those WoW-ers who call her "half-pint" have no clue what they're stepping into when they call her that.

Half my age. Half. So much life ahead of her. I hope I'm here to see it all...

Love, ya sweetie... Happy Birthday.