Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Is There a Doctor In the House?

There must have been some nasty stuff in that mulch... 'cause it's back with a vengence.
The past two nights have been fun-filled with coughing, gagging, tears, and lack of sleep. I can feel the crap in my lungs and have been trying unsuccesfully to treat it with otc meds. I give up. As soon as the clinic opens this morning I'm calling and begging them let me get poked and prodded and hopefully diagnosed with something treatable from their bag o' tricks.

Hope your holiday was better. I spent most of the day cat-napping from being up the night before, and the rest of the time working on bookwork. The excitement is overwhelming, I can tell... I did peek out the window after dark and watched a bit of the fireworks from the neighboring town. It was pretty, but really - without any youngsters around to get excited, it's just another fireworks' display.

The neighbors were very quiet this holiday weekend. I'm suspecting they went out of town. In years past this has been the perfect opportunity to polish up the guns and shoot skeet and/or illegal fireworks all day and into the night. Can't say I miss 'em.

Will let you know what I find out... *cough* * cough*