Monday, July 17, 2006

If You Find the Weekend, Would You Send It Back?

It's Monday. Where did the weekend go??? Yes, I know I haven't posted since Wednesday. Wanted to give you all a chance to catch up. (I can say that - you don't know differently, now, do you?) All in all a good weekend.

Friday was a race night and my mother-in-law was picking up Hubs to go to the race. She always comes at 5:30. Always. Except when she doesn't. When doesn't she? When I work until 5 o'clock and race home to see Hubs for a few minutes before he leaves. I get home at 5:10 and her car is there. WTF? So much for having a few minutes to visit with Hubs. (Get your mind out of the gutter. No "quickies" were involved.) Oh, yes, she says... thought I'd come early. Arrgghh.

Darrell and his son Cristian came back to town on Friday, although they didn't make it to my house until Saturday evening they spend Friday night with Amanda's family. The boys were tickeled to be able to play together again. On Saturday night we had a good visit and I was much more relaxed this time. This is the way to do it! The first meeting is nerve-wracking and you are all worried about if you'll be the same to them as you come across in your blogging, and wondering if they are going to be what you have imagined them to be. By the second meeting you know what to expect. I guess in some of these large group blog-meets they last all weekend and there is alchohol involved. That probably helps. All I know is he is as warm and intelligent and funny in person as he was the first time - and Cristian is electric! Wish I had that kids' energy... I now have a "voice" to put with a blog and can only hope he'll make it back this way next month for the fair... (hint)

Also on Saturday I managed to get several errands run and my house cleaned before everyone came. That pretty well wiped out Saturday.

Insert racing update: Son Jon started 9th and came in 5th on Saturday. He's not been having very good luck lately. A couple of weeks ago he blew up the motor in the modified car, and they put another motor in that wasn't as powerful just to get by. He did okay with it, but it just wasn't the motor for that car. This week they got the modified motor put back in and went racing Friday night.... and... blew up another motor. Hubs, son, and car owner are not happy campers. Hubs and son are particularily disgusted because the motors are being built by the same people and they would love to go somewhere else. I'm not sure why they keep going back except they have so much money invested already and keep trying to get them to do it right. I'm frustrated too - why is it everyone else on the track is still going and Jon had to blow up? No one can seem to tell us why... just want more money. Grrr... So, anyway, he took the motor to be fixed on Saturday morning, worked on it all day, and was ready to race by Saturday night (this kid can whip a motor apart in no time at all!). It didn't blow up, but just didn't have the power they wanted. More tweaking will be required, I'm sure.

Sunday I spent spinning my wheels. I was up early and for no particular reason got a wild hair to make a big breakfast - pancakes, eggs, bacon. Of course, the one morning that my Hubs sleeps in... a little cold for him (yes, I nuked it) but I enjoyed it. Then I started back on the ever-dreadful bookwork. Yes, I am making progress, thank you for asking. I can almost see light at the end of the tunnel. That will be good news for those of you who may have thought I'd quit WoW altogether. Nope. Just have to take care of priorities, you know. Hubs went to the shop and was going to bring back the mower and get that done before it got too hot. (It's been in the 90's the past few days with very high humidity - the heat index has been in the 100's. Thank goodness we got the rain we did! We've gotten another 2" since my original rain post, too, and things are growing like crazy. Can use more rain- maybe later this week I heard there is a chance- but we'll take what we got.) He got tied up doing things and didn't get back until almost noon. By then I was ready for a break and offered to mow.

Did I mention I'm jinxed? I must be, for I only got about a fourth of the lawn done when the mower stopped. Dead in it's tracks. The motor was still running, the mower blades were still churning, the deck still went up and down (this is a tractor, in case anyone wondered), but it wouldn't move! Now, this thing isn't that old... so.... I think the dealer is getting a call today. It still should be on warrenty. Hopefully they'll figure it out. End result? I mowed just enough to sweat like a pig and get filthy.

Showered, refreshed, and full - Hubs grilled burgers while I was mowing - I head back to the bookwork.

...and now it's Monday and I'm at work.