Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Friends and Refreshed Links

As busy as I've been, I've still found time to have new blog connections. Go figure. Go visit these people and give 'em a minute of your time... I also updated my list and found a lot of people I haven't visited in awhile are gone or on a break. Amazing how much this happens. I guess I've been known to miss a week or two, but to just stop? I think it would be hard to do... Hope the ones who are just "on a break" will come back!! *hint* *hint*

Nicole over at Sleepyfroggie. I love her "love story"... reminds me a bit of my own! Plus she loves animals, so of course I'm gonna like her immediately!

The Gorby Corner is a great site started by Helen to raise money for the RSPCA. Good reason. Great dog.

Over at Dad Gone Mad you can check out a man's perspective. We don't get that often enough, sad to say...

Remember, Em (Not Dorothy) has moved. Her new site is Mellow Chaos.

For yummy recipes from a former chef, as well as kitty tales and facinating poetry and stories, slip on over to Michael's blog Recipes for Life.