Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Unreasonable Expectations

My hubs has it figured out. We both get frustrated (read grumpy) when we set unreasonable expectations for ourselves. Case in point? My new computer came yesterday afternoon! YIPPEE! Yes, I was doing the happy dance! I left work early to get it set up. Would you believe it is still in the box? Yeah. Why?

Well... in my family, when I get a new computer (it is usually me who gets the new one, however last time it was Hubs) I have enough children and spouse that I just pass my "old" ones down. Usually someone is ready to upgrade, and my "old" one is just that. This doesn't happen without some planning. In this particular instance, Hubs' computer isn't that old, but he likes my monitor better - it's bigger. Therefore, he's getting my old monitor. His printer has been acting up. It works, but you have to finagle the paper a bit and he's not patient when it comes to technology, so I've gotten him a new printer. His old printer, his old monitor, as well as my old computer is going to my youngest son. (Keeping up?)

Since my old computer is going away, I'm cleaning off the hard drive - after backing up all the things I wanted to move to an external hard drive my eldest son loaned me. In theory, this would be easy, however, I haven't yet figured out what asshat decided it would be more cost-effective not to include the operating disks with computers anymore. Instead, they give you links to this and that and if you really, really, really want the disks, they'll send them to you - for a fee. Needless to say, the links to this and that are long-gone and the simple process of restoring my system isn't so simple anymore.

Hence, the unreasonable expectations. I wanted to have all my switching done last night and have my new 'puter up and ready to go. *sigh* Yep. Still in the box. Maybe today...