Thursday, February 01, 2007


  • For those of you who have been trying to e-mail me and can't get me, I'm not sure what's going on unless you have my old e-mail address (it got changed awhile back, not by anything I did but the company changed hands). Also, I noticed it wasn't in my profile anymore. Don't know when it went away - maybe when I updated Blogger? At any rate, I'm all back and operational again. To save you looking it up, it's sesnyde at hughes dot net. You are smart enough to put it in the right way. (If you aren't I don't want to hear from you anyway!)
  • About the time I bitch about it being cold, it gets colder. Yeah. This weekend there are days we are supposed to have windchills of -30 something. Needless to say, you won't see me far from the fireplace! It has to warm up a bit to snow...
  • I'm still working on getting everything loaded into the new 'puter. Does this mean I have too much stuff? Possibly. We won't discuss that. Haven't even tried WoW yet. Afraid it will be too wonderful and I won't get anything else done, and I have a few things I absolutely have to get done first. At least, that's what my tax man says.
  • The office is almost done getting cleaned and organized. I may even post a picture when I'm done. I ran out of hanging file folders last night, so not quite there. Have to make an office supply run today. I love me some office supplies. The only reason I can figure is when I was little and my parents would go bowling every friday night, I was sent next door to my grandmothers' house. She was a widow and worked in the state auditors' office - as an auditor. Rather ahead of her time for that day and age. At any rate, when she would babysit me, one of the favorite games I played with my grandma was... you guessed it.... "office". So, I figure maybe that's where my love of all supplies office comes from. Proudly, I can say I've passed it down to at least one of my children.
  • Ironic that the post about the weather gets the most comments I've had for weeks. Hmmm... what does this say about my level of posts?