Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Other Side Update

In a tragic turn of events, I found out something last night about the female in this relationship that has turned me cold. A little over a year ago a co-worker of mine got married. This was a few months after this couple got married.

The woman went to the brides' bachelorette party, the man to the groom's bachelor party (at a strip club - no surprise). The man and grooms' co-workers were at his party, along with male members of the grooms' family.

The woman leaves the bachelorette party, goes to the bachelor party, and proceeds to sit down and disrobe! For no rhyme or reason that anyone could fathom, she sat at the bachelor party in front of her husband's co-workers and friends and all the grooms' male friends and family members, topless.

The bride just found out a few months ago at our daughter's wedding. The groom got a snootful of booze and it came out.

Can you believe this? I sure couldn't! Unfortunately, the people who told me wouldn't have made it up. I really felt for this guy before - now I really feel for him! Wow...